Tadziu (biailisha) wrote in moto_racing,

Favorite Racer and an Inspiration to the Disabled

I don't really have much of a hero worship or groupie behavior in racing. I never understand why people did it. When kids came to me, or strangers came to me, asking for photos or autograph, I think it is my duty to promote the sport as much as possible. I love kids!

But the one person I admire most in racing is Sweden's Johann Reuterholt. He proved that you can race in the highest level despite disability. This is why I am always proud of my class, Superside. Cheers for Mika Ikonen, for having faith in Johann..he does not have to passenger for Johann, for his is quite good and could have gotten another seat.


Getting the "Swedish Heroes" Award, presented by Kenny Bräck, Indy500 winner


He will be racing in the Sachsenring this weekend, then the week after, the Cathedral. He is an inspiration.
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