Лёха (smaguin) wrote in moto_racing,

Кубок Восточной Европы (как это было)

Сегодня перебирал у себя архив фотографий и нашел диск со снимками с кубка Восточной Европы. Дело было в августе лохматого 2004 года. Тогда, когда еще наш градоначальник в юбке еще не разбомбил единственное кольцо в России. Вот несколько снимков. Остальные снимки у меня на сайте в разделе спорта. http://samstudio.narod.ru

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Would you please post a (short) English version? This must be an interesting post..I'd like to know what it is about!
This is from my old CD. It is Eastern Europe Cup in Saint-Petersburg in 2004. All pictures are on my site http://samstudio.narod.ru I don't have english version so you need second gallery in row.
Thank you. People tend to forget that Eastern Europe produced a lot of great racers over the years. Ernst Degner (who defected), Bohumil Staša, László Szabó, Hans Fischer, Frantisek Srna, the list goes on and go. MZ, CZ and Ural had competed before.

One of the great things I love about our sport is that, champions come from every continent of the world. The average Joe may not be able to afford a racing car, but most people can afford a cheap bike and have a go at it.

I once mentioned to my ex-girlfriend's brother that, the budget I need to win the World Championship in my sport, is LESS than what he needs to win his city's local drag car race championship. Car racing is a black hole. While every year I just need to take care of the wear and tear, he needs to keep up with technology and keeps putting new expensive parts into his car.

In our sport, once you reach a point where you need to have large sums of money to tune or improve a very small amount of performance gain..you may as well work on your riding or your fitness. In car racing, the driver probably only accounts for 10% of the total package, especially if the racing requires hi-tech.